Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How about a DJ for the ceremony? He is already doing the reception, and will give me a great deal!

Good question! DJ's are a viable choice for a wedding reception. Lets leave it at that. Why would it matter whether a live string quartet or a DJ were doing the ceremony? After all, the DJ can get a recording of a string quartet playing "Pachelbel's Canon" or whatever else you want!

Here is the reason, the BIG reason, to always choose LIVE musicians over a DJ for the ceremony.
  1. If grandmother takes longer to get down the aisle than the tune allows, in other words "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" has played in its entirety, then the DJ has to start over at the beginning. OUCH! An experienced group of musicians are always prepared for this often seen reality, and know exactly where to add repeats as needed in their music and can keep tunes going indefinitely without any bumps or starting over.
  2. If the bride reaches the end of the aisle before "The Wedding March" is done, which happens ALL the time, it is rather a nasty jolt to hear the music just stop mid-tune! Again, a professional group is well prepared for this often needed early ending. We in the profession call it an "early cadence" and are prepared to do it at any time during any piece without letting your audience feel like they just hit the windshield of a car!

Please don't just take my word for it. Ask some of your friends to see their wedding videos and compare the live musicians with any DJs they may have used. Live music has its place, so does a DJ, and the proper use of both is a wonderful thing!

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